2017 09 04 Strassensanierung und Breitbandausbau

04.09.2017 - Road restoration and broadband expansion

Last Tuesday, 29th August, 2017 Managing Director Robin Lötters invited manager from Bredenbruch and Ihmert.
To discuss together with the Parliament member Marco Vogel (CDU) and Bundestag member Christel
Voßbeck-Kayser (CDU) the further progress street restoration.

The domestic companies concerned about the infrastructure, especially in the southern part of the city, so it is now a good tradition to actively promote the topic. Already two years ago meetings with the companies Team Hell and Schulte GmbH & Co.KG and Ernst Koch GmbH & Co.KG started the Ball rolling. The former meetings have also contributed to the fact that the L888 has already been renewed and that the plans for the transit in the city have been running in Ihmert. In the latter project, the city of Hemer supports with their own resources. The key point at this time, as now, is the number of available planners in the country.

A site-appointment with Straßen.NRW was sheduled for further restorations in the direction of Hemer-Westig. In the meantime, a new state government was elected. The manager Krischan Albert, Jochen Koch, Ingolf Hell and Robin Lötters now demand: It must go on and shouldn’t be longer foreclosed. The expansion of the country roads must be carried out as an overall concept!

Now there seem to be two big occasions: According to Marco Voge, currently 120 Mio.Euro (in the old household 80Mio.) in rural areas for the rehabilitation of maritime roads.In addition, the Märkische Kreis received funding from the federal government and the state. As a 100% subsidiary of the circles, TKG manages the use of these funds, also Bredenbruch and Ihmert should be patient. Now the opportunity is great that both projects are approached promptly and even more importantly that the streets are not opened twice.

The cracking point remains as described the planning performance. However, as in the case of Ihmert, there is the possibility that the municipality will take over the planning for the country and then compensate for it. The opportunity is great that the city of Hemer accelerates the rehabilitation of the urban roads in the urban area without great financial expenditure.

Jochen Kochen (CDU) and Robin Lötters (CDU) will request with an application to the management, whether it is possible to pave the way, for this certainly not very easy way, since the scarce resources for both cities would have to be released. Marco Voge supports the two in this project. An appointment should be arranged with Straßen.NRW in order to discuss the necessary details.

Photo; From bottom left clockwise: Krischan Albert, Ingolf Hell, Robin Lötters, Jochen Koch, Christel Voßbeck-Kayser (MdB), Marco Voge (MdL)


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