Loetters Historie 1912


Friedrich Lötters establishes the company Drahtwerk Friedr. Lötters (DWL) and acquires the first production building on 24th of June 1912 in Bredenbruch. In the same year the young company builds a new production building.
Loetters Historie 1911
The founding couple. Wedding picture of Clara and Friedrich Lötters 24.11.1911.

Loetters Historie 1916


During the first World War the production is interrupted in a compulsory way for 2 years. Even during the war the wife of Friedrich Lötters, Clara Lötters, takesover the management of the factory and starts producing again.


With the end of the First World War the company founder returns. He immediately expands production by taking over several drawing machines of a discontinued wire drawing factory in Minden. 
Loetters Historie 1924


A hot dip galvanising plant is set up. With it also galvanised fine wires can be produced.
Loetters Historie 1929


The son of the founder, Friedrich Lötters, joins the company after the death of his father in year 1928. The company history is continued by the second generation.
Loetters Historie 1930

1930 – 1938

The range of products is expanded constantly. Meanwhile galvanised, tin-coated or copper-coated steel wire as well as e.g. wire for pens from 5 mm, wire for bottle closures, florist wire, mattress wire, stitching wire, paper clip wire, mesh wire etc. belong to the delivery program.
Photo: DWL 1934
Loetters Historie 1937 1


Old production
Loetters Historie 1937 2


25 years Drahtwerk Friedr. Lötters

1938 – 1944

In these years Drahtwerk Friedr. Lötters primarily produces tin-coated firing wires and galvanised fine wires for camouflage netting.
Loetters Historie 1945


Issue of the "Permit" of the British military authority for the resumption of the production of "wire products for agriculture, mining barbed wire and wire-netting".


The patent for the production of a spot-welding wire netting for the building industry is granted: An innovative foundation stone that is to be an essential pillar for approximately 20 years from now on.
Loetters Historie 1952
Loetters Historie 1960


DWL expands production again. The wire factory H.D. Graumann, also from Hemer-Bredenbruch is acquired.
Loetters Historie 1962


50 years Drahtwerk Friedr. Lötters


DWL acquires the neighbouring company Gebrüder vom Braucke. A perfect set-up as the company ground is extended this way and capacities are expanded again.


A patenting plant including electrolytic galvanising is set up. With that DWL extends the production of staple wire considerably.
Loetters Historie 1972


New building of a staining
Loetters Historie 1975

1975 and 1980

The sons, graduate engineer Fritz-Peter Lötters and graduate in business management Herm-Dirk Lötters join the company direction as third generation.
Loetters Historie 1987


75 years Drahtwerk Friedr. Lötters
Loetters Historie 1988


The production area is extended by 1500 m² with the building of a hall for heavy drawing. Production of pre-drawn wire is increased by the acquisition of three multiple drawing machines with 9 draws.
Loetters Historie 1989


The production of staple wire bands is started. In this way the sales of electrolytic galvanised staple wires for the fastening industry is increased considerably. 


The most important step on the way to international markets: The production of coated wires for the print and paper industry is started.


Lötters Draht establishes the subsidiary Lötters Polska Sp. Z o.o in Poznan. The aim is to improve the whole distribution of all product segments in Poland apart from a production relocation of florist wire production.
Loetters Historie 2000


A new production and dispatch hall of 2500 m³ is built. The aim is to optimise the internal material flow. 


The internationalization continues to increase. Lötters Draht establishes the sister company Lötters & Miruna Arames Ltda. From now on the market in South America is supplied with coated wires by the production in Sao Paolo.
Loetters Historie 2004


Lötters Draht acquires an industrial real estate of 8000 m² nearby the headquarters, in the neighbourhood Ihmert. Here, the bundling of the production of plastic-coated wires can take place efficiently - a product focus that looks back at an excellent development of the company history.


Lötters Draht opens a sales office in Jakarta. The aim is to increase sales in Asia.


an annealing facility with 2 annealing bells is put into operation. With that at the same time the quality is improved and the capacity is extended up to 5000 tons a year.


A sales office is opened also in Sao Paolo. Closer to customers it is for the increase of sales in Central and South America.


With Robin Peter Lötters, graduate industrial engineer, the fourth generation joins the company direction.
Loetters Historie 2012


100 years Drahtwerk Friedr. Lötters
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